Health & Safety Policy


  • To ensure a safe working environment for all our employees
  • The work will be carried out in accordance with the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 (CDM), Approved code of practice to the regulations and guidance notes to the regulations
  • To promote awareness throughout the company, ensuring all staff members fully understand the Health and Safety issues that affect their role


  • We expect all employees to be constantly looking to highlight areas of improvement, ensuring by example that our commitment towards Health and Safety is achieved and is constantly under review
  • Throughout our company we have implemented various rules to ensure safe working practice. All members of staff are encouraged to report any areas where they feel this can be improved. Staff will be made aware at induction that they have a duty of care to themselves and others and are to always consider the consequences of their own actions or omissions
  • Here at SCS Roofing Services LTD we have competent persons who are available to carry out an induction. The Directors are available to all members of staff at any time during working periods to discuss any Health and Safety issues
  • Our policy towards financing Health and Safety issues, training etc, will be implemented on a monthly basis. Regular meetings will be held with designated staff to discuss any areas that require financing
  • All areas in conjunction with the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 (CDM) will be given priority. All other issues requiring finance will be given full consideration at the earliest opportunity
  • Our performance regarding safety will be monitored very closely by the appointed person/s who will liaise with all staff to ensure our methods of control are constantly under review for any areas that can be improved
  • Where required we will endeavour to give all staff members sufficient training in relevant issues. Training in the range of skills required by the trade shall be accepted as collective responsibility and all employees shall play their part in upholding and improving standards by participation, especially in training schemes arranged by SCS Roofing Services LTD
  • Risk assessments and method statements will be carried out whenever needed and the information obtained will be relayed to all staff and relevant customers
  • The main hazards associated with a position within the company are explained upon induction and reviewed yearly on a one to one basis
  • Fire safety is covered during induction, and we instruct the employee in what action to take upon hearing an alarm
  • First aid equipment is maintained and replenished regularly
  • Any accidents/incidents are to be reported. Where first aid is required it will be given
  • An investigation with the help of staff and any witnesses will be carried out into the cause of any accident in accordance with our written procedure
  • Any accidents, which do not result in physical harm, will be reported and investigated in the same manner
  • All operatives must sign in on arrival to site before carrying out any works or business upon the site
  • All operatives will be expected to conduct themselves accordingly and follow all company rules regarding Health and Safety
  • Where necessary we will provide any equipment that is used for safety purposes whilst work is being carried out
  • External contractors will be expected to provide their own safety equipment
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) e.g. Safety Harness and Hardhats are available to all members of staff, and in some circumstances are compulsory
  • Our staff is expected to ensure that where this equipment is provided and available it is used according to the information, instruction and training given. Staff not using this equipment will be liable to disciplinary measures.